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Ahsanullah, M. See Arnott, G. H. Allaway, W. G. See Goulter, P. F. E. Allison, H., and Grassia, A.

Sporadic sea-level oscillations along the Western Australian coastline 723

Anderson, D. T. See Egan, Elizabeth A.;

Kunze, Janet

Arnott, G. H., and Ahsanullah, M.

Acute toxicity of copper, cadmium and zinc to three species of marine copepod 63

Atkins, L.

Observations on the glochidial stage of the freshwater mussel H yridella (Hyridella) drapeta (Iredale)

(Mollusca: Pelecypoda) 411

Bauld, J., Chambers, _. A., and Skyring, G. W.

Primary productivity, sulfate reduction and sulfur isotope fractionation in algal mats and sediments of Hamelin Pool, Shark Bay, W.A. = 753

Bayly, I. A. E.

Further contributions to a knowledge of the ceropagid genera Boeckella, Hemiboeckella and Calamoecia (athalassic calanoid copepods) 103

Beer, Tom, and Black, Ron

Water exchange in Peel Inlet, Western Australia 135

Bell, J. D.

Observations on the diet of red morwong, Cheilodactylus fuscus Castelnau (Pisces : Cheilodactylidae) 129

Black, Ron. See Beer, Tom Boland, F. M.

A time series of expendable bathythermograph sections across the East Australian Current 303

Brewster, F. J. See Butler, A. J. Brown, P. A. See Phillips, B. F. Butler, A. J., and Brewster, F. J.

Size distributions and growth of the fan-shell Pinna bicolor Gmelin (Mollusca : Eulamellibranchia) in South Australia 25

Cadwallader, P. L., and Eden, A. K. Observations on the food of Macquarie perch, Macquaria australasica (Pisces : Percichthyidae), in Victoria 401

Cannon, L. R. G.

Ecological observations on Cerithium moniliferum Kiener (Gastropoda : Cerithiidae) and its trematode parasites at Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef 365

Canterford, G. S.

Effect of EDTA on growth of the marine diatom Ditylum brightwellii (West) Grunow 765

Cartledge, D. R. See Sofoulis, N. G.

Chambers, L. A. See Bauld, J.

Cole, Terence, J. See Johnson, W. David

Conacher, M. J., Lanzing, W. J. R., and Larkum, A. W. D.

Ecology of Botany Bay. II. Aspects of the feeding ecology of the fanbellied leatherjacket, Monacanthus chinensis (Pisces : Monocanthidae), in Posidonia australis seagrass beds in Quibray Bay, Botany Bay, New South Wales 387

de Forest, A. See Pettis, R. W. Done, Terence, J. See Veron, J. E. N.

Eden, A. K. See Cadwallader, P. L.

Edwards, P. B. See Kettle, D. S.

Egan, Elizabeth, A., and Anderson, D. T.

The reproduction of the entozoic

nemertean Gononemertes australiensis (Nemertea : Hoplonemertea : Monostylifera)—gonads, gametes, embryonic development and larval development 661

Fabris, G. J. See Harris, J. E.

Fallon, G. R. See Sofoulis, N. G.

Farrell, T. P., Finlayson, C. M., and Griffiths, D. J.

Studies of the hydrobiology of a tropical

lake in north-western Queensland. I. Seasonal changes in chemical characteristics 579

Fielder, D. R. See Thorne, M. J.

Finlayson, C. M. See Farrell, T. P.

Gibbs, C. F. Chlorophyll 5 interference in the fluorometric determination of chlorophyll a and ‘phaeo-pigments’ 597

Glover, J. W.

Concentrations of arsenic, selenium and ten heavy metals in school shark, Galeorhinus australis (Macleay), and gummy shark, Mustelus antarcticus Giinther, from south-eastern Australian waters 505

Goulter, P. F. E., and Allaway, W. G.

Litter fall and decomposition in a mangrove stand, Avicennia marina (Forsk.) Vierh., in Middle Harbour, Sydney 541

Grant, C. J., Sandland, R. L., and Olsen, A. M.

Estimation of growth, mortality and yield per recruit of the Australian school shark, Galeorhinus australis (Macleay), from tag recoveries 625

Grant, C. J. See also Webb, B. F. Grassia, A. See Allison, H. Greenwood, J. G. See Thorne, M. J. Grey, K. A.

Estimates of the size of first maturity of the western rock lobster Panulirus cygnus using secondary sexual characteristics 785

Griffiths, D. J. See Farrell, T. P.

Griffiths, F. B.

Euphausiids in the Coral and Tasman Seas during May 1972. I. Horizontal and vertical distribution 551 II. Horizontal distribution in relation to circulation patterns 569

Hadfield, A. J., Ivantsoff, V., and Johnston, P. G.

Clinal variation in electrophoretic and morphological characters between two nominal species of the genus Pseudomugil (Pisces : Atheriniformes : Pseudomugilidae) 375

Hamon, B. V. Direct measurements of ocean currents over the continental slope off Sydney 833

Hard, Gordon C., Williams, R., and Lee, J. Survey of demersal fish in Port Phillip Bay for incidence of neoplasia 73

Harris, J. E., Fabris, G. J., Statham, P. J., and Tawfik, F.

Biogeochemistry of selected heavy metals in Western Port, Victoria, and use of invertebrates as indicators with emphasis on Mytilus edulis planulatus 159

Ivantsoff, V. See Hadfield, A. J.

Author/Title Index

Johnson, Merike. See Johnson, W. David Johnson, W. David, Cole, Terence J., Johnson, Merike, McPherson, Warren P., Muir, Gregory L., and Szczepanski, Richard Ion balance in water analyses—the effect of added silica on the carbonate-bicarbonate titration 315 Johnson, W. David. See also Muir, Gregory L. Johnston, P. G. See Hadfield, A. J. Jones, W. G., and Walker, K. F. Accumulation of iron, manganese, zinc and cadmium by the Australian freshwater mussel Velesunio ambiguus (Phillipi) and its potential as a biological monitor 74

Kelemec, John A.

Effect of temperature on the emergence from burrows of the soldier crab, Mictyris longicarpus (Latreille) 463

Kettle, D. S., Reye, E. J., and Edwards, P. B.

Distribution of Culicoides molestus (Skuse) (Diptera : Ceratopogonidae) in man-made canals in south-eastern Queensland 653

Kirk, J. T. O.

Spectral distribution of photosynthetically active radiation in some south-eastern Australian waters 81

Kirkwood, G. See Lucas, C. Koste, W.

New Rotifera from the River Murray, south-eastern Australia, with a review of the Australian species of Brachionus and Keratella 237

Kunze, Janet, and Anderson, D. T.

Functional morphology of the mouthparts and gastric mill in the hermit crabs Clibanarius taeniatus (Milne Edwards), Clibanarius virescens (Krauss), Paguristes squamosus McCulloch and Dardanus setifer (Milne-Edwards)

(Anomura : Paguridae) 683

Lanzing, W. J. R. See Conacher, M. J. Larkum, A. W. D. See Conacher, M. J. Lee, J. See Hard, Gordon C. Lucas, C., Kirkwood, G., and Somers, I. An assessment of the stocks of the banana prawn Penaeus merguiensis in the Gulf of Carpentaria 639 Ludington, Carol Anne Tidal modifications and associated circulation in a platform reef lagoon 425

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McPherson, Warren P. See Johnson, W. David

Milne, Peter J. See Smith, J. David

Moore, Raymond

Natural sex inversion in the giant perch (Lates calcarifer) 803

Morgan, G. R.

Assessment of the stocks of the western rock lobster Panuliris cygnus using surplus yield models 355

Morissy, N. M.

Inland (non-estuarine) halocline formation

in a Western Australian river 343 Muir, Gregory L., and Johnson, W. David

Chemistry of the Cudgegong River,

New South Wales 325 Muir, Gregory L. See also Johnson, W. David

Olsen, A. M. See Grant, C. J. Ottaway, J. R. Population ecology of the intertidal anemone Actinia tenebrosa. Il. Dynamics and environmental factors 41

Paxton, Hannelore

Taxonomy and aspects of the life history of Australian beachworms (Polychaeta: Onuphidae) 265

Penrose, J. D. See Sofoulis, J. D. Pettis, R. W., and de Forest, A.

Chemical composition of ferromanganese

nodules from the Southern Ocean 535 Phillips, B. F., Brown, P. A., Rimmer, D. W., and Reid, D. D.

Distribution and dispersal of the phyllosoma larvae of the western rock lobster, Panulirus cygnus, in the south-eastern Indian Ocean 773

Plaskett, D., and Potter, I. C.

Heavy metal concentrations in the muscle tissue of 12 species of teleost from Cockburn Sound, Western Australia 607

Potter, I. C. See Plaskett, D. Pregenzer, C., Jr

Effect of Pinnotheres hickmani on neutral

red clearance by Mytilus edulis 547 Provis, D. G., and Radok, R.

Sea-level oscillations along the Australian

coast 295

Radok, R. See Provis, D. G. Rayner, Suzanne M.

Comparison of the salinity range tolerated by teredinids (Mollusca : Teredinidae) under controlled conditions with that observed in an estuary in Papua New Guinea 521

Reid, D. D. See Phillips, B. F. Reye, E. J. See Kettle, D. S. Rimmer, D. W. See Phillips, B. F. Ritz, D. A. See Taw, Nyan

Sandland, R. L. See Grant, C. J. Scott, B. D.

Seasonal variations of phytoplankton production in an estuary in relation to coastal water movements 449

Shiel, R. J.

Synecology of the Rotifera of the River

Murray, South Australia 255 Shinkarenko, Luba

Development of the larval stages of the blue swimming crab Portunus pelagicus L. (Portunidae : Decapoda: Crustacea) 485

Skyring, G. W. See Bauld, J. Slawyk, Gerd

13C and '5N uptake by phytoplankton in the Antarctic upwelling area: results from the Antiprod I cruise in the Indian Ocean sector 431

Smith, J. David, and Milne, Peter J.

Determination of iron in suspended matter and sediments of the Yarra River estuary, and the distribution of copper, lead, zinc and manganese in the sediments 731

Smith, M. J. See Williams, W. D. Sofoulis, N. G., Penrose, J. D., Cartledge, D. R., and Fallon, G. R.

Acoustic strengths of some penaeid prawns 93

Somers, I. See Lucas, C. Sorentino, Carlos

Mercury in marine and freshwater fish in

Papua New Guinea 617 Staples, D. J.

Seasonal migration patterns of postlarval and juvenile banana prawns, Penaeus merguiensis de Man, in the major rivers of the Gulf of Carpentaria,

Australia 143 Staples, D. J., and Vance, D. J.

Effects of changes in catchability on sampling of juvenile and adolescent banana prawns, Penaeus merguiensis de Man Sil

Statham, P. J. See Harris, J. E. Szczepanski, Richard. See Johnson, W. David

Taw, Nyan, and Ritz, D. A.

Influence of subantarctic and subtropical oceanic water on the zooplankton and hydrology of waters adjacent to the Derwent River estuary, south-eastern Tasmania 179

Tawfik, F. See Harris, J. E. Thompson, J. D.

Heavy metals in the native oyster (Ostrea angasi) and mussel (Mytilus edulis planulatus) from Port Davey, south-western Tasmania 421

Thorne, M. J., Fielder, D. R., and Greenwood, J. G.

Larval behaviour of Macrobrachium novaehollandiae (De Man)

(Decapoda, Palaemonidae) 11 Timms, B. V.

Body proportions in limnetic and littoral

calanoid copepods 417

Vance, D. J. See Staples, D. J.

Author/Title Index

Veron, J. E. N., and Done, Terence J. Corals and coral communities of Lord Howe Island 203

Walker, K. F. See Jones, W. G. Webb, B. F., and Grant, C. J.

Age and growth of jack mackerel, Trachurus declivis (Jenyns), from south-eastern Australian Waters 1

Wescott, G. C.

Analysis of marine hybridization between two species of the genus Cyclograpsus (Crustacea : Brachyura) in south-eastern Australia 469

Wilkinson, Clive R.

Skeletal morphology of coral reef sponges: a scanning electron microscope study 793

Williams, R. See Hard, Gordon C. Williams, W. D., and Smith, M. J.

A taxonomic revision of Australian species

of Paratya (Crustacea: Atyidae) 815

Australian Journal of Marine and

Freshwater Research

Volume 30

Melbourne 1979