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Dec. ‘85 Newsletter of the $ 4.50 X3X3X9Oe/eOp!tr[OOOO!OpeeOp!eeege eO ee tt/r/tfrÓ£iióa (oaa EERE EE )eeeex!)Oe)evoevOeeeeeeeex

VANCOUVER SINCLAIR USERS GROUP XXX XOO0O6ODp)OeO|/HOp|)gOW|p|p |o dlWOee(i|O) oae? ormpeeeedeeeeg)olegm)ee ddi^-amamJdedaoyde aed! p/o-odebeedk

| 1 1 ;

* *

* *

* Next Meeting *

¥ ¥

* Killarny Community Centre *

* 6260 Killarny st. Vanc. *

* * I nmn this issues

* ኔን UM * We increase your memory.

* * The Zeeper speaks...

* * Bob keeps his ear to the ground.

* * Arbie shows us some odds and ends, * and, we compute The Answer. j

ZXAppeal is a monthly newsletter put out by the Vancouver Sinclair Users Group. For more information on the club and 2XAppeal see the backcover. In order to ‘beat the deadline’ material for ZXAppeal may be send directly to the editor 2308 Marine Drive

West Vancouver. B.C.

V7V 1K8.

Marcio Vieira ‘the Pres.’

can be reached at 984-8893

And one of those QL,.S and that monitor, and a printer and I wanna diskdrive and a....


So here it is guys, December, in case you had not noticed, and get this, our next meeting .falls on Friday Dec. the 13th.

No it is not an omen, Sinclair wise that is, I don't know about you personal.

Zeep,s back and he wrote a little pome? Poom? Ah right, poem. It started me thinking. How about the great Sinclair limerick contest, the winner gets to take the Zeeper out for lunch at his fave greasy spoon.

I'll start it of by ripping the Zeep himself off, I mean I am a computer tech right I don't worry about the Zeeps little escapades right?


There once was a hacker named Darryl,

Who ignored the old Zeep at his peril.

The Zeeper he thought, is a bit of a fraud,

Until his smoking ZX showed his error. : Yes I know, it rambles, so send

me something better already.

Down to business.

The Nov. meeting was full of it, business that is. It was decided at the meeting, without any serious objections, to raise the

yearly membership dues to $15.00. So that’s what it is from now on, 15 smackers.

Wilf Rigter wondered whether it would be possible to increase services to the members along with the dues. Wilf ofcourse has been working on a memory bank switching scheme and other hardware clevernesses. Once he has these things perfected he will put ona little presentation at one of the meetings.

downright oppressive.


Things like that are what services to the members are all about.

At the meeting Bob Denison and Ken Abramson showed us the intricacies of soldering while

the robot These are

Karl Brown showed of build in his class. services.

And let us not forget, writing

articles, or devilishly clever SHORT little programs, for publication in Your newsletter,

those are services too.

So "eh, when are You going to start servicing.

John Brohman told us that the Frog Hollow, Beach and Poco bulletin boards can. be accessed by 2X81,s with modems and that these boards have ZX compatible

files on em for downloading.

Go to it guys and aside from down, do some up loading as well will you.

As mentioned Karl Brown was at the meeting and he brought some slide impressions with him from the Pacific Robot show which he attended. Over all he was not too impressed with the hardware displayed at the show especially when one considers the “bang per

buck" ratio. In other words there where some semi impressive pieces of hardware to be seen but the price of these things was

He is working on it.

With BERT.

BERT is the Basic Educational Robot being built by the students in Karl,s robotics class and he was shown to us at the meeting.

Some of the student members brought along there particular versions of BERT and all in all

it seemed to me as if the BERTs

had a ball.

Cont. Page 4

fanpack ran Ee and waited

to do its ህር5›፣ Tre ZX-21 iz

would call 5. very fast machiy

and at the time I was left With impression that Louis ended up going bed without zeeing the end a his progr Hent. morning he E ed on the Phone and az

meto put Machine Language routine so his 548. rampack Without yan process.

i had fun 22

nece = sans.


being Ramtos

32.; 1 cass at 753, he stack dom fram there. It Matter if you have more memncrg,bec h computor Will ignore it Uniess..,.wuwe force it to recognize it By POKING in the neu. Rast Op ልኸ enterins 'NEM'. This last step iz very orae az the command NEW not onlu will test every mWemornrg ade to Ramtopb,cleanri ከ8. Anu Existing progra the process rid i i SG Stack. Afte : ed boc th ማይ A Z top t “PRINT Bill sage he

E a a O R



FIg |


The HMES64 i: a SExS static 28 pin Chip that can be used to replace the LK ek memory chip that comes with your =X or TIMEX 43:23. The most dificult part it to remove the existing Ram chip or chips if they are soldered in. The easiest m to do it iz to sau goodbye to those Ram Chips, Clip off the pins and then desolder them from the Circuit board. {During the Forthcoming meeting there will be & session on soldering, that sould be usefull for newcomers to hardware projects. If you

Ra D

have no experience do not start

proj ect vl i z

Open the Casing. Remember to keep track Ofan opening it, where the long and short Zzcrews come from. They must go back the Same Wad. Sentiu pul out the Keuboanrd iC DW strip. DO MOT bend it or crease

of the Circuit Pith the

lower wine.

Cont. next page

he new Chip remove ነሪ touch the 5

better,and costs only a Cou at Radio Shack. Strectch ocu

et et t

i" P

2 2ሽ4 23 ርቱ your new chip and inser t

Chip in the socket, very Carefully, mak ine zure no pins are bent in. Connect pins 2 and Z3, with thin wiring, to the PC ኤዕልዮ3, 52 Frown in Pig.l. Do not overheat the pins 2" the Chip will ke damaged. Make sure there are no solder ‘bridges' ርዮ littla 3”:/55 Of solder on the circuit board, IF FOU now connect the power and everything

52 OK, YOu should get the K cursor, IF TOE, Fearch for shorts created 255 S2ider,on a lifted or broken Lit line, caused by excess heat. the


Caring, Taking care,not to ክፎ th ke'uboard conmmecting Strip, It mau hip when inserting it,to hold it with with 2 harrow strips cardboard or even bettenr,tuo wooden Popsicle handles. If necessary the strip can be triMmed with 3. Pair of scissors.

VOU have now BE of Ram, located from 18K to 24K. It could be made to switch, when zsesined. into the SK to 16K slot,whens it would not be affected bu reset. It is a fantastic place to store Machine Langue se Program. The SYNC magazine March/April 1324 (The great Ram rescue} showed how to dO it and xerox copies of that article can be arranged at cast. The connection to the SK Chip 45 Made at pins 26 and 22, Some Add On hardware use addresses in the block 12K to Lik therefore making it desirable to disable the chip when a call is made t that Block Of memory. AR modification to the schematic of that article is shown in Fig.2 that does exactly that . Take care and. E 260d Luck 2:22

FIG 2.

2/,22 RI ጋሪደያሃ SK


If you would like your memory to be non volatile use the “smart socket" available from Active Components.

The “smart socket" has a built in backup battery and the neccesary circuitry.

From Page 2

I have also mentioned before that Ken A. and Bob D.put on a soldering/desoldering show and it was fun. Don’t ask me to repeat here what was discussed it is too much. It had to do with acid cored tin/lead- alloy - soldering wire and 200 watt soldering irons.

The latter you apparently ought not to employ on your ZX PC board because it turns it all smelly and black in no time flat.

Maybe I can talk Bob or Ken into putting the highlight of their presentation on paper.

Anybody else need some broad hints? I got lots more where this one came from.

Well that was pretty well it for the meeting and as for me, I think I’ll pack it up for this issue.

See you at the meeting.

Paul (the editor) Ruiterman.

/4"፻/ሠ ce #ጩ/ሪ

ee ee 52:ጅ፡2 ጅ= ጅ:= Eee ፎ2



Yes foiks I'e back. I have been across the ponc for the last several months anc I'm sure you have heard of ay adventures. I figured the oniy way to 5503 this Sinclair fanaticism was to go straight to the source. Merry oice Engianc is a woncer?ui place, Over there they use real computers like the AMSTRAD which are well susoorted anc delivered off the shelf.

I arrived in t^e nick of time, Your ommisotert Bir Clive had managed to bungie the management of the comoary so badly that it was millions in debt. Just like Timex hac David Higgenbottos, Sinclair ^ad Bos Maxwell. It seems that Yr. Maxwell had, unbeknownst . to his, a Ferranti chip secretly implanted in his brain. He thought that purchasing Sinclair Reseach was a cood idea.

Let me 5811 you 5 ^ad ay hands full this tise. This œas Maxweil had lots of money unlike Higcenoottom who just had lots of ideas. The oniy way i could stop this demented man was to enlist the forces o? Doooer ard Lybrand. This is a woric reknowned accountting firs which has the reputation of being the uncertaxers of the business world. They took ome lock at the DOCKS and orocucts of Sinclair Research and cave a rescuncin; tnum5s cown.

(5) -

Folks let me teil. When Cooper and Lybrand touch you, it's the kiss of corsorate death, Absolutely nobody can save Sir Ciive now. He's finished, kaput, crashed, It's just a matter of time.l have finally won. There won't 38 anymore Sinclair comouters. Even Encland has civem up om the UL. in North America it has been the subject of reveiws that even embarrassed se,

What is to become of all of you faithful disciples? I'm sorry to say that you'il orobaly be put in the same category as Easel collectors. Some of you will be enlightened enough to invest in an AIGA which is a real comouter, but the rest of you? I`li get you one by ome. failed chip here, a cead rampax there, ihe occaisional voitace soike.

I will continue to entertain you with various stories of user misadventures from time to time, For instance I even have a 135519 poem for you this time.

There once Was a hacker named Darryl Who ignored my pleas to his peril. The Zeeper ^e thought was a joke untii his 2068 went uo in smoke,


DO "6 ri

m pmo t 2 5:4) ርክ

v et 41 ሂ::

[SEN tt

IO +* .፡ un. ከ8] 8)

DE ፒገገ

S T ፤ህ

"m t ul ጩሠሣጆ ላባ (t0 ur cg fab sot ut "m dc 4ባ

Zu "m E


ሂጋ ኒባ ሂጋ 8

4) ሂ: wim dut

fu ma ጉ+”

።ዢ ዛባ ሂህ .. .ር

poc | -* ኢፌ) & CED e m

ALcerdk t. 7 od) ሂህ

++” .ር "

E + ዚህ üt =

Dea ant e (ond mne

ta MY uu Qr nmm

e wt ac aq io on

(ደ). I +* WEU ር: 0፡. ገዛ-፦

vos (QI ul UG ao eren በ3 ቆ* +*|-- ጻ.. “ኢኢ ጋዚ)

wi (gl Ct ፤.. zm 6.


v (Eon en ntt Q2caa ያ) » | “ዙላ mua


MES ven d a 5." -+4 SLE ፪ሽ +-"


| etw a

Aa 74

* ,h ር: ፤... nnm ቲማ mq ላ.. ሂጄ:

ኣባ Om abet vsu 22 እህ ዚገ -

pes] +ዳ ጻ.. ሂጋ un ቴ3 ጻ፤ ር3 22 ss

THIS he ሂጋ 8ካ ፌ. MC wp ten m (uam c.

ce tt በበ 41--* nre nm 23 m! +" d ርር: (ህ ard ene o ዩኒ (Qo E 0m t. LI & wild zm cc | +t AL Wee up AL 22 ርሯ ላባ ፻[ ፦ኤኡፍኤፍ ፎሯጄፎ.[ T ERO ፤፤1.፤ ow ie] e የህ a ar tte ፤.. Don. om te ey urs popu zs


"m *


a Ma


t. 42 as at ü. uw

c Gi

r ዚነ ርህ ru


ዝገ ኤፎ Om ot ኢፌ. C co ኢቫ ames ntt dg um c AC 0 + & m ገገ. at Im c ol EM QC up al ራ-* "n TE el LU. ሮ3 o qued & A

nt gi ዴሪ * an



ኣህ m Ke 4 af [E Ce » New xw 3 I- ህ] m [1 [ዘ] wi FT. Sen mY Vot]

t+ Wyk

c Ct

e ኢ. TI e. m e B = ka +” eD LUE ed «ll an [UE os | (et Cr AL

wy art & M


Dm, moet et

፪ህ 4.. ሂባ ut 4.. ሂዝ ጻ... 4 lb bet ላ... a ፌ. ኒፍ. ር:ጳባ ፎር mee ለባ” Tt m ሂህ ፤... n Cu -— y, ጻ.፤ ሂህ m [EN ር3-፤ a zo ኛ3 ፍ. one wat et e ሂን ^ EA TY et) EA ህገ vid ua .. cm zs d be nr DES eet EF O trai 2:2 s (ህ O Glenn V. Qr chers Q.- at et oC - LET E DA] +! "n E d +* CE D mo nC oc ham Qe ሂዝ! .ፈ1 č 148 set E -ዙ4 Cul 21 ግ.+4.-* +* nào ዝኽ ዛባ ፤.. 'ፒ3 an (et nte nr am det an ER ዘበ”

ul ! ቷ: (ኃ #8 +'= Ea e a mech we TN OL ፳2 DECT xo a 0. ፳ጃፎ ‹ሀ(5 ዝነክዚባፎር:እ› ፀባ pe’ soa uu STD n mone ch 91 Os hoes ፌ4=፤ (QUTI ui. [UN JC on un dr 11. cn eq 4o veal free ot! < +t üt eti = ።ፆያ ር2 ሠ] (2: 61 Cle XI a mr mri! ir (ህ Lucae A iu ዙ“ሥ m m Cu ups zr e 35 X i c an EA * ep c erc

un 3 gt C ante) enn CO P t4 ete att “ግ +” (ዛር. we በጠ

"np 3e V4 ዛቭ gh =ፎ M) TO nsum tet gre ÉL à radar orat

` Mu DT) zn uS + » s 84 m c n an t ol o. s wh. ህባ 2፳ a i +” .

on & Tene A o"


tt MN EE WO (ዘ

A ad

Tihi tae

፻1 (ዘ... ከባ (3 51

Ste Tn

Bae ዲ..፡

D 1 ፌ: ዛባ ኣባ LE EL A]

Cn à ya n nons . oa 88 [በ ut ሂጀ š mG A to ገዝ 1 mot Cur vrl ላባ አ2 (ህ+" on -ኃላት4.ፎ: ero mss mo eria c



Hog fe cc መ|44.ር “ሰ. eat

imm sns e cnt V ore ce .፻1 ‹.. apd *ሾ.... E fà. 4፤ ኣባ :፣ *.11 o dn ene Hp "n ፲ኛ ፅ* "nt

EC cA nam auam ... 28 -+ቆ aen D! BE *።-


E^ at --ቪጀር!4ዓ4

es «ብ ፲+

(Cm. n] :ኽ!ኀ፲ፒ - -ጠአጠጪ- ... ላ. ርዌ crc] ng n

.1ጢ ሽ...-

Qr ts 070 ጻባ ፒ3 ug ch ሂ። 00. ፤.. 6t t ett “ሂጄ ፌዝ. wt -—- [E O WOO 2 ር: ዚ1ፐ- zx wa

[rU ፈነ m D ul Da) A m “Ea a m at ‹..፲1 + .. ua & e -ር ፣1 (C ላ... ፦4 Ma ce AL t

att "IP C. E v

vet PN TE O ርዘ, v) ኑ-42


PLAYING. WITH ELECTRICITY 8(x).. (Harvey Taylor)

Well I finally got. my printer . You will just. have to put up with my messing around with different typestyles. Between Quill and the LX80, there are a lot of different combinations to try.

In the-last column I managed to (fet. to Paul before the deadline (sigh), 1 posted some results ofthe Sieve of Eratosthenes in Superbasic and 68008 Assembler. Now that | have my printer, I can ret. the code on paper & so bere it. is. Any of you who may be experienced 68K hackers fay see ways to optimize the code. The 'CET FLP2 standard hdr3’ line at the beginning is an instruction to the assembler to get the file which contains all the QDOS system calls & values. ( Well most. anyway, I’m adding them as ] use them & there are 1594 QDOS calls documented. )

By the way, that. reminds me. Anybody who 15 going to get into some serious programming will find ADRIAN DICKENS “QL ADVANCED USERS QUIDE” invaluable . There is also available from Boston Sinclair, The QI Technical Guide , (0U2$20.00 + shipping) which has some additional informat.ion.

Also by the way, If this article should happen to fall into tho hands of any other QL owner, drop me 8 line. I'm trying to maintain contact with as many Qi? ers as possible.

Back to the 11:211ከ(, as you see, most of the nonessential code consist: of system calls (via QDOS, QDOS_N, VECTOR, &VECTOR N). This makes it easy to do the simpie sorts of housekeeping things that always need to be taken care of ...... BUT, IT MEANS YOU GOTTA DO IT THEIR WAY. WHICH 15 OKAY IF 'THEY' HAPPEN TO BE GOING YOUR WAY, (EXCEPT HOW OFTEN DOES THAT HAPPEN?)

THERE is a direct. correlation between the assembler listings and the basic code of last time which will give you an idea what the code is about, label by label. GET IN TOUCH WITH ME IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS.

Lo———áá———————————————— P P PT QE

RD. TIME QDOS N MT_RCLCK, 1 LEA 5ጅሀሾ TOP(PC), Al 5ህ8ል.!. ለ6, ል6 * zero A6 for CN DATE


MOVEQ #-1,D3





i all elated ly



# ZXTRAS # 4 previously; Coloyr Corner # written by: M'Cartny # Li

ያ፡፡ያ#/#2ያ##/#›###ያያ#/##/#//ያያ//ያ/ appearing: January edition

So the Zeeper got our good friend Daryll I see. He could nave avoided that misfortune by naving a LED light installed on nis 2068 that indicated that the pewer was on. Consider doing the same, you may avoid meeting up with the Zeeper.

—— —— —— ብዘ —— —— —— ብፁ —À

»** ARCHON: Spectrum 48K, Sp. *



| | Tnank you Electronic arts, at

| hast you have presented us with

1555 game that nas changed the way

people play stratigic games. If

‘hare net played arcnon on any of the , ahem, other computers yet, try it on them if you de not have

| a Spectrum. You ront find much


= dam ሓቃ

dos P e mmea VB ብጨው-ው” e HE e e ሇዛ ሙረ, ee 9 rS


f|You are positioned on a chess ፡1፤53፻5, the lignt vs. the dark, 1:9 you chcose an icon and tne ricomputer does tne same. They are !aoved into pesition to do battle jon a different screen, eacn battle jts quite a challenge. The graph- !1523 are , how would I put it? I Hguess you would call tnem, differ jjnt. Very addictive, en overall

oed game.

Ratings: Grapnics ELEL Addictive ELLIE overall LELE

drosa Goodbyte(zx), 94, Leatner lane, London 5፡1

arcnen ... £7.50



l. If you want to learn the game quickly, play the computer not an opponent.

ና» Learn te shoot diagonally, it increases the firing range.

3e Play aggressively and plan your attack.

4. Learn the characteristics of eacn icon.

5. Icons witn slow snots snould close in on tneir opponents.

5$. Icons with quick snots snould Stay away from their opponents.

7. Time your attacks and counters Keep moving.

8. Use barriers. Race eround them te put distance betmeen you and the pursuing icon.

9. Keep your icons spread out so they can be in position to attack.

10. Move your icons onto Squares of favourable colour as quick as you can. Teleport one of your heavyweights onto the opponents icon so it cannot move off of an unfavourable square.

ll. Move strong icons close tc power points and wait until the luminosity cycle is in your favour, tnen try te take th m.

by R. Lussier

The 128K‘s code name Derby has been Launched in Spain and Will be available in the Spring in Britain.

Essentially twe computerz in one, When turned on the IZSEK mode is on automatically, but type SPECTRUM and it becomes a 45K Spectrum Pius, compieteig compatible with alil the existing Spectrum Software. The UK model Will sali for about £150.

The 128K Looks Like a Plus With a big heat sink boltéd on the righthand Sid&, and seperate Kegpad attached to the computer BY a coii-cord inte the front of the Spectrum.

A full range or Ports have been included. There is an R535232 SOCket, MIDI Sockets For musical instrument hook-up, reset Switch RGB^Composite socket, TU socket the tape Leads on the Left hand Side, and the edge connector in the usual piace, A Sound-Chip» 55 on the TS 29858, Sound through a TU speaker & adjustable,

In the 128K mode the Key word system is not used, They are entered one Letter at 5 time but retained in the 43K mode, The 128 has the Capacity to act 82 a RAM disk. That’s a facility whereby areas of RAM can be set aside to store a suite of pro- Sframs or sets of data in Much the same way as an Microdrives, Access to fiies on RAM disk is almost as instantaneous. As an Example the command ‘CAT’ Ero- duces an instant Cataiog 07 RAM files. There is still no Sign or a Joystick part,

There may be a feu Changes before it appears on the British market scene. It Looks ta be a Strong base model for the neu Sinclair range including the new Portable PANDORA and the desktop ENIGMA.

7 - he neu Spanish version or the Spectrum 129K computar now availabiese, The Price ior ti PUter is U.S, 4270.0 Postage & Insurance. available Fram: - The EMC, 15 Kilburn Court, Newport, RI @2sa¢ ታሬ So A

by R. Lussier These afe addresses oF some Sinclair User's wishing to con- tact other Users Worldwide. Ir interested. please don't hesitate to contact them. ; 2x3] OLUR Lain Dale, 73 Cobden St * 3 Thornaby, Stockton on Trees, Cleveland T3117 TET; England St t ziude fin Ian Kennedy, ፎፋ Jaw 'erig Crescent, Lanark, Scotland ap Ii! P !!= dose Manual Martin Sautas, 2 24 ak Casteillon,

SP ai


G. Bentham, PO Box 73,


N.E. Transvaal,

Rep. 5, Africa 120a Pajard Jerome,

S7 Rue Segoffin, 22429 Cambersie, France

wen O'^Connar, Downings North, Prosperous, ,

Co. Kildare, Ireland ——————PÉE


= af : h has Plastic kegboa veriaug for the 828958 caited QUICKEy tliThé WAFADRIVE system wi 2053", RAINBOW emulator pius 3 trum Bus interface prir The different overlays are U.S. $175 + $5 St from (33 "“ፐፕ=መ=2ህዕ፳ሮ5 II-TASPRINT" Damco ር5,, SF Bradley Ct. (2)"MSCRIPT" Fatt River, MA 92720 (3) BLANK" i21h new Canadian co. has 2 neu The Price is U.5.53,98 for software titles called “CHE the First two and $3.88 for the RACTER FONT GENERATOR" at 325 Blank, These give you commands and “ABUANCED VIDEO MODES", a at your fingertips. A very usg- Utility that uses the =ሯ5=" ful product. Any two for $7.58. Dual Screen and the Extended S0 cents postage. These are nou Color and 64 Column modes at available from: $15 (Canadiani. From Beaver Computer Prod., 999 Munroe AN-TO Products, ` Hve., Winnipeg, Man. RƏK tue 9009 ሠ. Eim St., #2, Phoenix, AZ 85237 (3)T^5 Connections, 3832 Watter- U.S.A. son Aye., Cincinnati, Ohio Jack for the 2868, LED Pouer Indicator and a Power supply Switch for the T75 2840 prin- ter. They 8156 repair Timex computers, Urite for more in- formation. 44) A Program cailed "Greeting Card Designer" which is Like REVIEW: Spectrum Software 8ፐጸ፳፲'5 "Print Shop" and is Priced at U.S. $20 from Zebra 594 R. Lussier Systems, 78-85 Jamaica Ave., "Thom Gra c ብ... ብ፡6. 88 ባጣ). Woodhaven, NY 11421. The Way of the Exploding Fist uito 3 ፐ/5 22 Printers for sale at . 2 ሀ. 822,252 from BNF Enter- This is a Karate simulation pr < 1135 Foster Street, PO game and is controlled by the Ba 257, Peabody, MA 01251 keyboard or joystick. The program starts of with a DEMO mode and you can enter the real program at a press or a key. You have 18 different moves, such as Fluing Kick, High Kick, Mid Kick, Short Jab kick, Sweeps, Roundhouse, High Back E33 : Kick, Punches, Jab & Low, For- GRAPHICS: 35% H ward & Backward Somersaultz. MONEY VALUE: 825 EASE of USE: 32% The graphics are very well OVERALL: 91.5% done including the shadows dane PRICE: £3.88 inc Post ZRXXON Style and the animation : , is very smooth. There are dif- Bargain Software, ferent screens of action and is Unit 1, one of the best Sporting type 1 Esmond Road, Programs I have seen. There is London U4 ius, also a 10r 2 piayer mode. England

n (10)

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