TRANSPORTATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE. Arlington Planning Department, 730 Mass Ave, Arlington MA, c/o Daniel Amstutz.

Date: May 4, 2021.

To: Select Board.

From: Howard Muise, Chair, Arlington TAC. Subject: Proposed Study of Park Ave at Appleton St.


The purpose of this memo is to report TAC’s endorsement of funding of a study that TAC would like to conduct to allow it to make a recommendation to the Select Board regarding installation of a traffic signal at the Park Ave and Appleton Street intersection. This study would allow analysis of the Park Ave corridor between Mass Ave and Florence St to determine whether or not a traffic signal at Park Ave and Appleton Street would have an adverse effect on the Park Ave corridor. The study would need to be conducted by an outside vendor and has been estimated to cost approximately $5,000.

1. Background

The Select Board had previously made separate requests to TAC to study Paul Revere Road and to study Appleton Street. Because of the proximity of Paul Revere Road and Appleton Street to each other and to Park Ave, TAC combined both efforts into a single study of the area. This included the Park Ave corridor between Florence Street and Mass Ave.

As a first step in the study, TAC hired a vendor to conduct traffic, bicycle, and pedestrian counts at several locations in the study area, including the intersection of Appleton Street and Park

Ave. The TAC used the count data and crash data from the APD to determine that the intersection meets several warrants required for installation of a traffic signal. Also, TAC analyzed the operation of the intersection with a signal and determined that the signalized intersection would provide a satisfactory level of service for pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles.

Following these analyses, TAC determined that it needed an additional analysis of the Park Ave corridor between Florence Street and Mass Ave to determine if a traffic signal at the Park Ave/Appleton Street intersection would have a negative impact on pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle operations along Park Ave. Based on the results of the proposed analysis, TAC will have the information it needs to determine if it will recommend installing a traffic signal at the intersection.

2. Conclusion

There was a proposal to fund the analysis through a Town Meeting Warrant Article, but it is my understanding that this approach was replaced with a plan to fund the study out of existing Town Funds. At its March meeting the TAC voted unanimously to support the procurement of funds for the analysis of the traffic impacts on Park Ave from a new traffic signal at Park Ave and Appleton Street. TAC is prepared to initiate this study as soon as funding can be made available.